..and I disappeared into the snow.

Where to begin, where to begin. Today, I am filled with deep, deep sadness and anger, pressed solely at the regressive nature of our country. The conversation surrounding the ban on abortion is eating me up y'all. I don't know how to begin what I want to say about it, but I am drafting and… Continue reading ..and I disappeared into the snow.


year 31: simplify

When I originally began this post, I sat here with a pour over, scrolling through old posts as I so often do, and found myself baffled as to where the fck 2018 went?! Where do the days go, y'all? It seems like just moments ago I arrived in New Orleans with a car full of clothes… Continue reading year 31: simplify

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hardly sanctimonious

I am not a "New Year's Resolution" person. I mean obviously, it's nearly May and I am just now writing about the miraculous word I stumbled on that inspired me to change my way of thinking in 2018. Working on Magazine Street in New Orleans provides me with an endless opportunity to observe all kinds… Continue reading hardly sanctimonious

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writer’s block: you can’t sit here.

I have avoided writing of any kind for so long, it's turned to spring and I haven't written not the first thing about anything. I got my degree then totally dropped the ball on my favorite past-time...and now it feels nearly impossible to do. I have bits and pieces of short stories for a "swamp… Continue reading writer’s block: you can’t sit here.