coffee: a comprehensive list

So, as you probably guessed from the title of this blog, as well as all of my social media handles…I like coffee. A lot. It borders obsession, but I like to think that I am capable of telling myself no. (Though that word is a rarity when it comes to supporting local shops, roasters, and brands I love. Okay fine, I’m obsessed.) I tend to touch on what I’ve had to drink, and where, in the content of my blogs, but I just wanted to make finding things easier for the other coffee lovers in the world!

If you need coffee porn (that also features lots of nature shots), please visit my Instagram. There are honestly just too many to post here.

Below you will find a working, constantly in progress, comprehensive list of coffee shops I love, what I order, and where to find it. Please also visit my Travel page to see where I’ve been and what I was up to while I was there!

Y’all feel free to drop me a line and let me know about coffee I cannot miss out on. WILL TRAVEL FOR LATTES!


Tamp&Grind Coffee, Alexandria, LA – I grew up frequenting this place before it was T&G (anyone remember House of Java?) and would always always make this my first stop when I would visit my mom.

  • Funky Monkey latte (often a Funky Monkey Mocha)
  • Foamed Hazelnut Cold Brew (you’d have to ask for that, and ask for Amanda if she’s working)
  • Brandon’s choice – Brandon is one of the sweetest baristas I had the pleasure of book-swapping with and he is the absolute best with brew.

Legal Grounds Espresso Bar, Alexandria, LA – my best friend used to own this place and I could make a list a mile long of why I loved visiting here so much. If you are traveling through the area and really need a cup of joe that will get you going, this is totally your stop!

  • Dirty chai – no shit here, it’s the best one I’ve ever had. I tell everyone ALL the time to get to the shop and order one of these. Hot or cold, the recipe is flawless.
  • Pour over – I would like to note that I haven’t had a pour over from LG in about a year, but they are currently roasting their own beans and I can’t imagine it is anything but excellent.
  • Cortado – too bad Ashley is no longer pouring these up, because not only were they the perfect ratio of milk to espresso to foam, they also included latte art.
  • “No Sleep” – probably never made it to the menu, but this combo of either cold brew + espresso or nitro brew + espresso made my last two semesters of college a jittery, passable dream.

Mojo Coffeehouse, New Orleans, LA – can’t say enough about this local gem. like seriously, just DM me or email me and we can talk about how great it is.

  • NOLA Iced Coffee (my geaux-to, payday sip!)
  • Cortado
  • Espresso mint-julep
  • Rose-ginger lemonade

Pax, Treme, LA – open and spacious, this is the place to go if you need to study, want to borrow a book (that you definitely plan to return) or just need a quiet cup of expertly prepared coffee.

  • Brown butter latte
  • Tres flores latte – so gorgeous I almost didn’t want to drink it but so glad that I did!

Mammoth Espresso, New Orleans, LA – if you hit no other coffee shop while you’re visiting NOLA (although, if you’re serious about it, you should check them all) you’ve got to go to this place!

  • Cardamom Latte, iced or hot – so so unique and amazing til the last drop!
  • Levee Baking Company treats – I’ve had savory scones and croissants, poppyseed breads, and all kinds of other things to nosh on. Can’t go wrong with any of it.

Rhino Coffee, Shreveport, LA – a perfect place to stop while on the road, or to visit on purpose because it is GOOD.

  • Bottled cold brew
  • Iced Thunder (I like to ask for mine with an extra shot and ice)
  • Ice Lightening (must be in the mood for dessert, also good with an extra shot)
  • Energy bites, or as I like to refer to them, Bossy Balls

The Vintage, New Orleans, LA – who doesn’t love a place that will serve you champagne AND a cold brew? Seriously, everything about this menu is top notch. Slow service, but you better not arrive in NOLA and expect to be in a great hurry. Order, sip, savor, saunter. Don’t miss out on the truffle fries! (that’s advice for life, btw.)

Louisiana’s Honorable Mentions: Hidden Grounds, HiVolt, Mel’s Diner, Pit Grill (for nostalgia’s sake,) District Donuts, and Community Coffeehouse, if you really need something that requires a drive-thru.


Constant Coffee, Pensacola, FL

  • Lavender Scone
  • Bees Knees latte (I think. It was honey something-something.)

New York

Vineapple, BKLYN, NY

  • Iced macchiato – properly served with a refresher and a smile
  • Iced latte

Cafe Madeline, BKLYN, NY

  • Nitro brew – hello BOUNCE
  • Avocado toast of dreams…omg.


  • Classic latte
  • Flat white
  • atmosphere – this place was so charming; a perfect place for an afternoon of catching up with old friends


Quince Essential Coffee, Denver, CO – so charming I can’t even.

  • Shot in the Dark – their answer to LG “No Sleep,” a cold brew concoction topped with espresso, because who doesn’t need a little bounce before a 14 hour drive
  • Kombucha fridge

Telluride Coffee Company, Telluride, CO

  • Hazelnut latte – I honestly just wanted something hot and I don’t remember if it was technically good or not. I just remember drinking it in the gorgeous, Rocky Mountains and feeling so so happy.

Perkatory, Trinidad, CO – found on a road trip with my coffee-snob bestie. A No Sleep for Ashley and a quad shot coconut milk latte for me. Not super visually exciting, but we enjoyed good conversation with the barista and found a place to thrift nearby.


Slow by Slow Coffee, Boise, ID – entirely pretentious for the road weary woman I was by the time I got to the counter, but I appreciated the aesthetic more after my eyes adjusted. I ordered the drink of summer (SITD-NS) which seemed to blow the minds of the girl operating the espresso machine, and grabbed some Rx bars for my flight. Atmosphere was bomb and the coffee was on point, but I could have done without the judgement.


Antlers Espresso – just happy to be there.


Dead Eye Coffee Bar, South San Francisco, CA – so hip it hurts but is the only place aside from Starbucks to grab some brew! Seriously, if you’re looking for the place, you’ve got to look out for their logo on a small brown sign that hangs above the building. Yes, I’m serious. There are no words on the sign, just….dead eyes? A pain to find but worth it.

  • Shot in the Dark / No Sleep
  • Cold brew
  • Cool ass tanks and tees and teas

Studio Cafe, Monterey, CA – the fcking pinnacle of coffee shops and not to be missed ESPECIALLY if you’re going to the aquarium. Absolutely in my top five favorite coffee shops in the states so far. They have it all: coffee bar with attached yoga studio, recording studio, and living space for the adorable owner. Enthusiastic about teas and pour overs (I believe the only style they serve.) All kinds of goodies on the counter and solar-heated patio. This place was bliss there I said it.

  • Pour over (Columbian?)
  • Pour over (whatever Neil had)
  • Magical muffins…not of the California variety, but so close
  • Off-the-bat interesting conversation with the owner of the shop.
  • Inspiration for days

Big Sur Bakery, Big Sur, CA – OHHHHHHHH MY GOD. Go there. Get some espresso and one of every pastry. Then mail those to me, go back, and get one of each for yourself with more espresso, then take a hike! DO IT NOW.