“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to talk of many things.”

…the time has come for me to gush about the miracle that is Tamp&Grind.

I have no idea how I would get anything done downtown (or anywhere) without that place, without a to-go coffee from my favorite brewers. I go to the post office every morning for the CVB and I pass T&G on my way. I subconsciously think about how I can squeeze this in to my quick trip to get the mail – then it dons on me…I’ll just get something for everyone. Who doesn’t love coffee? My buddy Cindy is now righteously obsessed with the chai lattes Kevin makes for us on Tuesdays and Thursdays (our now ritual, it seems) – I order mine, “dirty,” because I legitimately cannot function without espresso.

Tamp&Grind is so much more than coffee though; what Jeff Philips and his team have done for the downtown area is truly remarkable. It’s growing, and at a rapid pace I might add. The strong sense of community the downtown area has now really warms me up.  Though I don’t own a bike and know nothing about the, “riding,” scene here, I know Jeff is involved with that, as well as several other community services. I love going to T&G to see what local products they have out, especially the handmade soaps. (Oma’s…omg. Seriously, best smelling soaps ever.)

I love that when I walk in someone says hello to me immediately, then asks if I want my usual – I have a usual! Yay!  – Or if I want to try something different. I mostly get my dirty chai on Tuesday/Thursday, but I recently branched out and got a banana-chocolate latte, which Kev and I so aptly named the Funky Monkey. This is the stuff I love, that I haven’t found anywhere else. I didn’t have a regular coffee place in New Orleans, except for Starbucks, which let’s be honest….isn’t the most personal place to get coffee (they also don’t support the troops, and I’m not down with that.) I had a spot in Lafayette that I liked, but again, not the same vibe.

T&G brews Reve Coffee Roasters coffee, a micro-roaster that produces specialty coffee in Lafayette. I first encountered these gents in Whole Foods in the L when it first opened – my taste buds were thrilled upon first sip. I hoped and dreamed that one day, a local place in Alexandria would brew this stuff and VOILA! It’s as if Jeff read my mind.

I don’t think anyone understands my obsession with this place. I’m frequent that spot more than any other place in this town. My Instagram is flooded with photos of their delicious, crafty beverages and if you’ve ever wonder where I buy stock in gorgeous filtered photos of my hot-beverage-obsession, wonder no more. T&G provides me with plenty of photog inspiration.

My advice to you, whether you’re biking downtown, strolling around with friends, heading to work or wanting to curl up somewhere with a good book, head over to T&G, grab a beverage – coffee or tea, iced or hot – and let them warm you up with their friendly vibes and awesome brew. Guitars and dogs welcome.

this post was originally written on February 8,2015



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