to name a muse.

What is a muse? To most, and to me (for the most part) it is a person or thing or whatever is in the noun’s position that inspires; the things that draws or spurs or ignites the senses and sends the body and brain in to familiar nostalgia. As an artist of the pen, I think I enjoy writing about things I’ve seen in my mind a time or two, but never in real life — until I make the observation or correlation and then WHAMMO! Deja vu! then it’s all I can do to sit down and write. I’m not sure what got me thinking about what or who my muses are; perhaps the paper I have due can be blamed for this evening’s inspiration, though I’m not sure. It could be the blurb I’m writing about JG’s book, or notes I’m making for a novel I hope to write after graduation. It’s 100% possible I could be annoyed that each year on Neil’s birthday I hope to write him the best thing I’ve ever written and I’m stuck working on a paper about Jack London (though I don’t think Neil will mind — he’s gonna love this paper.) It could just be the blatant emotion I feel when I think about the fact: when I need inspiration, all I need do is look up.
Am I supposed to reveal my muse? I feel like that’s lifting the veil too high, but tonight….I’ll vaguely indulge. Y’all, I am surrounded by them. My bonds in life, my friendships, the people I randomly happen to share everyday-life with blow my fcking mind sometimes. I have been so gifted with wonderful, wild spirits, creative, passionate geniuses, and soft, genuine souls. I am often bewildered and frustrated with what took so long? Shouldn’t these things just exist? We’re responsible for the manifestation of our own happiness, right? So why is it SO hard to find the peoples/places/things that inspire you?

Because we are guarded.
Because we are confined.
And we are often too busy to notice.

I have been fortunate in the past few years to dedicate time to explore things that are most innately important to me: passion and peace, and the journey to organically find those things. I’m not sure when we lose our will to do that, but it crushes me to think some people live their entire life without knowing either. I didn’t get here by accident, to this place of complete wonderstruck; I was quietly led by the people that inspire me, the people that impress a certain envie upon my soul. I am lucky enough to share my life with more than a handful and I am so beyond curious as to how I got to this wonderful, never-boring place with all of these amazing characters. (I’m sorry, but you’re all going in to one book or another — y’all know that, right?!)
This post should serve no other purpose than to be inspired to ask yourself, ” who (or what [insert noun]) is my muse?” If you can’t think of a thing, get out there and open up. Let the guard down and look away from what’s consuming you….be inspired.

The Everlasting Muse


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