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I know this is only my third review, but can I talk about dating for a second? It’s really nerve-wracking and awful, especially when the dude asking you out wants to skip the formalities and fun dates and go straight in for the kill; really frustrating since I don’t really know how any of this works any more. I was used to taking myself out for gelato in New Orleans or for coffee in Lafayette, no strings attached – now it’s back to dating in Alexandria and I have absolutely no idea where to begin.

I met a guy at The Brewhouse in Pineville a few weeks ago and I agreed to let him take me out after New Year’s – my big plan to sleep through the New Year totally worked, yay! – I was hoping he would suggest Robbie G’s or maybe Cajun Landing, but no…he brought me to Diamond Grill. I would like to preface the rest of this story with: I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT EATING A FIVE STAR MEAL. I’m complaining about the probable expectation that comes along with eating said five star meals. This guy told me he knew where Diamond Grill was, and did not. He had no idea how to order wine, which is okay, but come on. How many movies have we all seen where people swirl the wine around a few times in their big ol’ glass, then smell it, then taste? Even if you don’t know, pretend! Make it up!  Okay, enough ranting about the lackluster parts of the date; I promise, only positive notes from here on out.

The wine that our perfect server suggested was delicious. I love Pinot Grigio, and Diamond Grill has a truly amazing wine portfolio. Along with my wine, I ordered the soup de jour, which was this rich crab and asparagus bisque. I wanted to turn that cup in to a giant bowl and swim in it- it really was that good, trust my taste buds on it.  I wanted salad, but I passed because I was trying to shorten the date; drumming up conversation with someone who doesn’t know who Jim Morrison is can be quite challenging for me. I ordered the Pesto Scallops for my entrée, with spaghetti squash and asparagus.

Note: I lived in the New Orleans area for nearly five years and had scallops, as well as other specialty seafood, from the best restaurants the city has to offer.  My standards are quite high when it comes to seafood (and food in general.)

I will tell you right here, right now that those scallops were cooked to buttery, side-of-the-fork-cutting perfection. I am extremely picky about how seafood is cooked, and the entire dish, including sides, were nothing short of heavenly. I am not kidding when I say the scallops made the absence of conversation completely worth it. I would love to know how the chef prepares his pesto and what kind of tomatoes he uses for the tomato wheels that the scallops are served on.  It was all to die for.

I unfortunately passed on dessert  because I ran out of things to say to my date, who was somewhere between his third or fourth Jack and coke and playing on his phone. I know, I lose people when I start talking about books, but damn. I did see Vanilla Crème Brulee on the menu, and you better believe that I will be back to try it! The overall experience was great; in my mind my date matched my meal, which was perfection, and the date ended with a long stroll in the moonlight on the levee – it did not happen this way in real life, but a girl can dream.

Long story short, go to Diamond Grill, order the scallops, get dessert, and drink the wine!  You won’t be disappointed I promise, regardless of company.

blog was originally written January 11, 2015.

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