the things we’ve forgotten


It feels, some days, as if we’ve all forgotten how to be human altogether. We’re all just robots behind screens, criticizing the world for being hard on us, commenting on all the things that are wrong instead of seeing and appreciating the light we’ve been given.

I think we’ve forgotten how to feel compassion for each other, regardless of circumstance. I don’t know when we all started arguing so freely and without taking in to account what’s actually going on. We not longer take a step back and assume the shoes of the other person, we never try to look through that lens, and I just don’t know when that happened. We just make careless decisions, give zero thought to anything or anyone else, and hope that it will all work out okay, regardless of who has to clean up the mess. When did we start ripping each other to shreds just to do it? For sport?  Come on, we’re better than that, right? …..unfortunately, not. I know people who work tirelessly to tear others down just to watch them fall. What happened to healthy doses of sincerity or digging together until the root of the problem is found? What happened to compassion and hearing people out?

I think we’ve all forgotten religion, faith, inspiration, positivity; the things that guide to the places we need to go. I think we miss some really awesome paths sometimes because we’ve lost those things that are so innately buried in our souls. I find now, more than ever, cold-heartedness and mean spiritedness without reason. It is absolutely senseless the way we believe in nothing.

I think we’ve forgotten how to be kind. Instead now, we focus on ourselves and step on anything or anyone who gets in the way of our happiness. I think of the phrase, “be kind, you’re doing the best you can,” and immediately picture best friends racing against each other, running towards nothing; this is what the world has become: a giant race to one-up the person next to you because they’re breathing and just might be better at it than you. Maybe my “we’re all in this together” attitude makes me naïve.

I think we’ve forgotten how to speak to each other. Yes, I mean human-to-human. Everything is done behind a screen and it makes me crazy. How can we possibly be honest with each other behind a screen? How many negative things would actually get said if we could only say them face to face, and not passive-aggressively (or actually aggressively) via text, email, Facebook chat, Twitter, etc etc etc and blah blah blah; the avenues for miscommunication are endless. How much hate could be by-passed? I say “lost in translation” frequently because that’s what happens. Misconception happens easily thanks to our inability to speak to each other; we’re inhibited by our thumbs.

I think we’ve forgotten how to listen. Everything goes in one in and out the other unless we’re gleaning something from what we’re listening to. We’ve really reached the point of “we only hear what we want to hear.”  If you aren’t directly beneficial, or if what you’re saying isn’t important or if someone disagrees with you, the words are immediately drowned out. Intention is lost, misconstrued and tossed out. It’s impossible to hear the voices of the world when your own bellows so loud.

I think we’ve forgotten how to love. This is encompassing of so many things in my head today. We’ve forgotten how to look at each other and see another human, trying to do their best and sometimes failing, and appreciating them for doing just as you are. We’ve lost the sensibility to see friendship, compassion and honesty for what they are. We live in such an anxious, skeptical world and it kills me.  When our vision is so clouded by things around us, it’s easy to lose the line of vision of things that are true. No look of love here, just an empty room without a view.

My heart is heavy today, my mind weary. I am bothered – distraught, honestly – with just how little care issues are treated now. Everyone is out to get everyone, constantly. Have a disagreement or an issue or a full-fledged, full-on fight? “That’s okay. I’ll just delete them.” What a way to operate, actively maneuvering the hate in the world for each other.   It’s as though we must live on the defensive or be fed to the wolves, expected to hope that what’s left afterwards is salvageable.

I happily claim my flaws; I am not innocent to any of these things we’ve forgotten. I’ve written this down to remind myself when I can’t remember.

Humanity is weak and frail and it’s going to shatter in to a billion pieces if we don’t stand up, stand together and start treating each other better.


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