let me invade your space.


I don’t write this kind of thing typically, but I had to get it out of my head.


oh baby, won’t you let me invade your space? i don’t know you at all, but I’ve memorized your face.

I’ve been waiting for something or someone to dazzle me, to mentally take me away from this state of anti-enthusiasm and really inspire me…congratulations are due, I think I’ve found a winner.

I know absolutely nothing, my head is empty and completely devoid of any knowledge about who or what you are; for all I know you’re a spaceship cowboy just taking a ride on a shooting star.

oh baby, won’t you let me invade your space? wrap my arms around you and steal you away, creating our own imaginary place.

I want to say that I’ll wait to for the chips to fall where they may, but I’m just not sure how patient I can be. I want to hear that voice again so I can find my footing, before this thin ice gets away from me.

Someday soon I’ll take a leap and find some courage, buried deep in my throat. I can’t believe that I’m allowing neon lights to inspire such resonating hope. I could try to remove you from mind my mind, but your beats would blare in my car. What’s sound delights you? What frightens you? I’d run backwards a million miles, any distance at all to answer these questions, no matter how far.

let me invade your space.


I am so distracted by thoughts of this weekend. I left a single sandal – JUST ONE – at the hotel and passed work twice this morning; my brain has left the building, yall. I’ve really missed this fire, this feeling of inspiration. I’m not quite sure what struck a chord so hard, it usually takes so much more than a thumping bass and neon lights to get me going, but my mind hasn’t stopped since Saturday.

this is such a crap blog, but my mind wouldn’t shut up. this has to happen to other writers out there.

here’s a song that will probably distract you too.


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