love is a verb.


FOR ONCE I can allow myself to gush about love and I’m so happy.

LOVE:: lets talk about it. 

It’s filling, it’s overwhelming. It makes you the happiest you’ve ever been while simultaneously being the deepest, darkest pool you’ll ever dive into, blindly…but you do it without batting an eye because of the wonder; the feeling of the unknown, the promise of discovery. It drives us, whether it’s to learn more about ourselves, or others; it pushes us. It’s demonstrative of everything we absorb and it’s a reflective illustration of who we are and what we want.

It’s a thirst, it’s a hunger; something we are innately designed to crave in one form or another. It is equal parts misery and ecstasy, the truest yin-yang I could ever imagine. It’s scary and wrong and right and hopeless and triumphant and glorious. Love is comprehensive, global. It spins the world…and often stops it.

We are so lucky because we are free to love; it’s the one thing in the world that is priceless, regardless of how high the cost may seem….love is free. It’s a right and a privilege all our own to choose it and live it and thrive in it. And now, we can all have it, equally.

For years I’ve tried to understand how the government could ever possibly dictate when and how two people could love each other and express that commitment. Though society may try, no one tells me how to dress or what to eat or how to think. I don’t see color, I don’t see sexual orientation or race or gender or religious affiliation; I see people. Today’s announcement sent me over the moon. My friends, ALL of my friends, now have the right that I have always had. I thankfully haven’t had to see or worry with much bigotry on social media because most of my friends and family are like-minded and open about these kinds of things, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking about it. I know that local governments are going to fight marriage equality. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

A person is a person, man or woman, and that person has the right to love whomever they choose. BUT here’s the thing: we don’t choose, love chooses for us. I was given the right at birth to choose who I love and express it in any way I see fit. How do men who like men and women who like women not get the same right? You can’t help who you love. I can’t help that I was drawn to someone who would eventually stop loving me and fighting for our love. I can’t help that I’ve got too many opinions and thoughts in my head and that I’m not afraid to share them. I have watched my friends and friends of my mom and friends of her friends move their entire lives across the country to more supportive states so they could spend the rest of their lives with the person they’re meant to be with. That would never happen to me, because what? I just happen to prefer men over women? What the hell? What happened to humanity? The idea of that is so oppressive I can barely stand it. I am so so soooooo happy don’t have to even think of it because now, I can attend all of the amazing, beautiful, harmonious, sanctimonious ceremonies I know are going to take place. I can’t wait to support of my friends as they take their steps, just as they supported me.

I grew up in a Christian home, church twice a week and all that. I’ve studied several different forms of religion and there are just too many questions in my head for me to ever say what it is that I am. I have a moral code that I live by and I try to keep myself in check. But I would like to make a statement to the people who claim to be Christians (and this is the only comment I’m going to make on this end of it):: WE ARE CALLED TO LOVE.  And I’m really sorry, but there should be zero stipulations on love. When we start breaking it down, putting rules and regulations on the who, what, when, where, how and why of love, we ruin it. I have as much right as the next guy or girl to love who I want, when I want to and so on.

Love is a verb. A VERB. Action, a force, a response, a movement. Gay, straight, black, white…whatever. It’s all about love: demonstrating it and respecting it. NOW LETS DO IT.


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