the restoration period


I had a flawless weekend. Let me tell you all about it in the greatest of detail – way more than you need but it was sooooooo perf I have to allow myself time to gush.

I kicked Friday night off right with a hot shower after work and put on an outfit I’ve been dying to try. My style is really tailored and classic, so stepping out in a geometric peach-grey number that buttoned all the way to my clavicle with metallic wedges was really, really pushing my fashion limits. It went over well I think; I felt sassy and chic, and though I immediately put on yoga pants and a tank a few hours later, it was great to feel mega-girly for a minute.

To continue on with the girlishness of Friday night (and the entire weekend,) I spent the night with one of my best friends. We just laid around all night, watched The Interview and talked until we passed out at the very late hour of midnight – we’re old, okay?

Saturday morning we were up and at it! First on the agenda was blackberry picking at Inglewood Farm. I think could pick berries all day, every day…I seriously loved it. I thought about pies and cobblers and ice cream the whole time; it was heaven. Tiffany (the friend I was with all weekend – it’s really difficult sometimes to have a BFF with your name, but convenient at others) brought her adorable son along for the fun and I know he had a blast too! Kids just make everything more fun. I’m glad I’ve got so many friends with kids to light up my life, for real. We bought these really interesting melon-cucumbers and some crazy mint-cucumber jam and other delicious, local, organic things, then headed for lunch…which was also tasty and perfect and al fresco. After that? Poolside for a few hours to soak up some sun before having the yummy taco soup Tiff made for supper. – I told you….I had THE PERFECT WEEKEND.

After we realized we were worn out and sleepy from all the fun we took showers and said, “live music? why the hell not?! SAUCE IS PLAYING!” So we dolled up a bit and walked to this little dive bar that’s close to my apartment and watched our friends jam for about an hour. Nothing feeds my soul like live music, except watching live music with my friends, being played by friends.

We then conceded defeat to our sleepiness and headed home for what can only be described as the best couch-rest I’ve ever had. But before we were allowed sleep…cobbler had to be made. So in our glasses and pajamas we made blackberry-strawberry cobbler and begged it to hurry up and bake. When it was finally out of the oven, we scooped some out in to coffee mugs and let our tastebuds dance all over the kitchen. It’s no surprise that I slept harder and more peacefully than I did all week long. I was beyond satisfied and happy.

Sunday was productive in the morning and lazy in the afternoon. Fresh sheets, clean towels; all of my laundry is done. YAY! I visited with friends then went out to the pool for more hang time, and definitely caught some sun! I haven’t had a summer in what feels like a really, really long time so I am loving all of this outdoor action. I mean, I’m actually catching a little tan and everything (no worries, lots of sunscreen!) Though, I think I may be forming an addiction to vitamin-D….I suppose there are worse things to find addicting.

The best part about this weekend? I was with my friends the entire time. This weekend was very remnant of those few and far between days I got to do this last summer with my NOLA crew. I can’t wait for my sets of friends to collide at some point this year, it’s going to be a riot.

I feel like this cleanse (and that glorious weekend) has helped me breach that weird limbo I was in. Now, don’t get it twisted. I still have no idea what’s going on in my head really, but I’m happily focusing on the day-to-day and that is legit as shit. I suppose it’s safe to call this my restoration period, and it’s been a long time coming.

What I learned from my first week of cleansing:

Sugar is hard to give up. Sugar is in EVERYTHING…e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I can’t even explain how much I’m noticing and it’s just been a week and I cheated with sweets twice….I can only imagine how my body will feel after the next 12 days.

Regular oil-pulling is really helping whiten my teeth and get rid of all those dumb stains that cigarettes were giving me.

I don’t miss alcohol, unless I’m in the pool; and only then do I want some sort of umbrella drink served to me by a Mr. Hottie McHotterton that is also offering to cover me in coconut oil. English optional.

Making time to read is really, really challenging. Between work, popups and the random little things that come up in between, I just don’t have the energy when I get home. I’m also trying to get in bed and asleep at a decent time during this cleanse (in hopes for discipline) and it really just falls to the wayside. It might have to do with my selection. Dune is wonderful, but it’s heavy. The sunshine is beckoning me to pick up something light-hearted and funny, so maybe I’ll swap out for a little while and revisit Dune at a different time.

Life without all of the coffee I want is miserable. “I can’t even.” The headaches are bearable but I miss that part of my ritual. I did cheat a little by going to Tamp&Grind after yoga on Thursday afternoon, but I had a delightful cup of Oolong tea with hibiscus leaves and it satisfied my craving for something hot.

Raw foods/clean eating is a breeze but I feel hungry a good bit, so it’s time to incorporate EVEN MORE water, if that’s possible. I feel like all I did last week was pee, but hey. I guess that’s the name of the game. BTW, the clean eating is easier than you think. It’s all about conscious decisions (like everything else in life,) though I know that’s easier said than done. I know that I want my mind and body to feel better, so I use that as motivation to keep me going and it works!

I had a beautiful practice yesterday morning and it reminded me how much I love doing yoga solo. I can make the session as long or short as I want. I can take an inversion in the middle if I’m feeling it and long savasanas. It reminded me of why I wanted to make active gratitude my New Year’s resolution and why I wanted to participate in the cleanse.

Soul Cleanse, Week #2 Goals:

Learn a new song on the guitar. I don’t play nearly as much as I should because I’m so super obsessed with playing my drums (especially my beautiful new djembe!) and that’s awesome, but my guit-fiddle needs some love too. Gotta get on it.

Give more hugs. I didn’t realize that not being touched affectionately for almost a year really turned me off to being touched at all. I feel like my space is being invaded or something and that makes me really sad because I used to be super touchy-feely all the time. I made a conscious effort to hug my friends this weekend and there is such restorative power in that sensation.

No extra sugar, at all this week. I splurged a little with my mom on Tuesday last week after our trip to the law office, because let’s be honest, chocolate fro-yo is a lifesaver. Then…the cobbler of all cobblers. Though Tiff and I sweetened it only with light agave nectar, I knew I was being bad. None at all this week! No treating myself to sweet cheats.

Long story made short – she says after over 1,000 words – I feel like hope has been restored in fistfuls and I am absolutely in love. I know the days might be hard and the nights might be long, but I understand that tomorrow is coming and that I’m in control. Once you get your grip on that, you’re golden, baby.

Who knows, my Golden Era may be approaching.


4 thoughts on “the restoration period

  1. Jessica

    Tiff, you need to try chia seeds for that full feeling. Just an FYI. I love them. I put them on everything.

  2. Addison Taylor

    I was reminded recently of how much I love a solo yoga practice as well! Practiced by myself yesterday morning and my intended 30 minutes turned into 55 minutes–it was glorious.

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