lust for lists on lists on lists for the listless


I love lists. This is fact; if you read my blog that just means you are already aware of what is coming next.

I recently stumbled upon an article on a friend’s Facebook page that triggered all sorts of things in my brain. I was obviously intrigued because it’s entitled: “25 Daily Habits that will Make You Smarter.”  Since I’ve forgone finishing my degree (for now) I take pride in looking at lists of this sort, ticking things off with ease and breathing in a sense of accomplishment. Though I definitely do some of the things on this list already, I could always be more thorough.

Here’s the link to the list:

Now, I’m going to write out some of these to check in with myself. Feel free to read my ramblings. Otherwise, enjoy this tune!

1. Come up with 10 ideas every day. – Here are my amazing Monday ideas.

a. Mojito flavored gum that can cause a buzz.

b. A microchip that you swallow that sends music shooting through your brain, depending on your mood. so like…a mood ring that’s in your body that plays music. yeah.

c. a movie where there is only music to tell the story. and no, not a musical. a…..sound exploration of the human experience? maybe.

d. Coffee that instantly turns in to powder if it were to leave your cup. NO MORE COFFEE STAINED SHIRTS! Okay, I spill a lot.

e. Spotify, but for books. Something with complete customization….I want  to be able to sit at my desk and be read to by Jon Hamm. EVERYDAY.

f. a device that, depending on what code a type in, becomes whatever object(s) I want. Sunny outside? hit 314 and it’s a car equipped with a paddle board and a road map to the beach. Rainy outside? type in 668 and it’s a half-naked bearded man with an umbrella.

g. a computer that can sense specific hunger and send out messages to the closest, cheapest, most appropriate place in town that delivers.

h. generation of a hybrid tree that can grow organic lemons, peaches, pears and apples simultaneously so that my yard doesn’t become congested.

i. an internal lie detector, that way you never have to guess with anyone and you can choose silently to confront them or walk away. brilliant.

j. lets see if someone can make a short film about getting hit squarely in the face with a pie and what’s that’s like. I’ve always wanted to do it to someone.

2. Read the newspaper.  – I’m not really in to reading our local newspaper, but if I do, it’s to circle all of the grammatical and spelling errors and THAT is fun!

3. Play devil’s advocate. – I like this idea so much, because I do it so often. It is truly the mark of the intelligent when you can see both sides and attempt to argue from each standpoint. well rounded is better close-minded. remember that.

4. Read a chapter in a fiction or non-fiction book. – Of course I condone this one. Even better than reading a chapter? Writing one! If you’re not in to committing to writing a whole book, try a short story. I write tons and tons of short stories (that maybe one day will be whole) during the year. Reddit is an amazing place to draw inspiration!

5. Instead of watching TV, watch educational videos.  I’m about this. I’m really interested in Elephants and whales. Always have been, always will be. So if I’m ever bored, you can bet I’m watching something involving one or the other, especially in bed.

6. Subscribe to feeds of interesting information. – THIS IS SO EASY! we completely control what goes in and out of our news feeds now. PUT GOOD IN GET GOOD OUT! I wish I could list all of the yoga things I’m subscribed to see on Facebook, but that list would be embarrassing.

7.  Check in with your favorite knowledge sources. – my day wouldn’t flow if I didn’t read articles from MindBodyGreen, doyouyoga and The New York Times. I’ve recently discovered that though people respect  my disinterest in sharing/talking about my political views, it makes me feel extremely out of the loop if I at very least don’t know what’s going on. Knowledge is power!

8. Share what you learn with other people. – I love how easy it is now. I know the members of my YUP group on FB get really sick of all the crunchy wellness articles I post BUT I DON’T CARE. See last line #7.

9. Make two “To Do” lists: one of work-related skills you want to learn now, and another of things you want to achieve in the future.  – if you consider yourself successful, or aspiring, this list should be constant. I have one in my phone for personal achievements. aptly named, “Shit I want to get done….stat.”

10. Write an “I Did” list. – I haven’t done this yet! I feel like this is important and I will start compiling. what a nice reminder, right? get 10 or more things down and you can include making a list to that list! okay…I’ll stop.

11. Start a “Stop Doing” list. – IMPORTANT.




I’ll go on later…but that’ll do for now.

12. Write down what you learn. – I know it probably makes me a crazy person, but I carry around a notebook with me – I said notebook, not an iNote or whatever – to jot down thought-provoking things. Could be a sentence, usually just an idea here or there, but either way, it’s better to physically write it down, since it’s more likely to stick that way.

13. Stimulate your mind. – This is fairly subjective, in my opinion. (see what I did there?) I stimulate my mind in many different ways. This article/list suggests several ways (all mentioned above) to do so. I feel like music is numero uno on the list of things that stimulate my mind.

14. Take online courses. –  I NEED TO. end of sentence.

15. Talk to someone you find interesting. – This is a must, y’all. I know apprehension can get the better of us because what with our handy-dandy, desensitized, behind-the-screen world we live in, people are right at our fingertips, but not an inch closer. I urge you, GET OUT THERE AND TALK TO SOMEONE! I went on my first geocache with a few friends the other day, and we were lead by someone I didn’t know. I found him so interesting because his interests were so far removed from mine. I love experiencing that.

16. Hang out with people who are smarter than you. – so all of my friends are acceptable choices based on this and this alone. Perf.

17. Follow your questions. – I’m a writer, so this is beyond easy for me, though as much as I like answering the who, what, where, when and why of it all, my favorite? The how. The how is the real reward.

18. Use a word-of-the-day app. – Because I am incapable of being satisfied with one word of the day, I have two; English and French. I like studying language, of any kind.

Today’s English word:bucolic – of, pertaining to or suggesting an idyllic rural life.

Today’s French word: alcool – alcohol.

The French word always seems more appropriate to me.

19. Do something scary. – I’m going to the mall after work for a pair of shorts and that’s it. Going to the mall, scary. Going to the mall broke, scarier.

20. Explore new areas. – I am going to take this and run with it, naked. Woo woo woo! [flirty eyebrows and winky faces]

21. Play “smart” games. – so….Cards Against Humanity doesn’t count? It’s a game of wit, for cryin’ outloud!

I am in to smart games though. It’s important that our minds stay as active as possible!

22. Set aside some time to do nothing. – can you say, all day veg-fest, in my robe and glasses and never leaving the house? Because that happened this weekend and my batteries absolutely feel recharged.

23. Adopt a productive hobby. – I’m so happy yoga and I found each other! It’s my favorite hobby, favorite way to workout and my new favorite part of myself. I would be nothing without this “hobby,” that is better referred to as the most grounding and necessary part of my life.

24. Apply what you learn. –  From any and all aspects. Let your hobbies, knowledge and passions feed off of each other. Residual effects people!

25. Exercise and eat a healthy diet. – if you’re in your mid-to-late twenties and you don’t exercise ever and you fill your body non-stop with crap, don’t be surprised when you start to feel it. I was drinking so much and never exercising and had no sleeping habits that I had absolutely no room at all to complain about feeling so bad all the time. Get your shit together, seriously. Your body deserves it.

I like examining these aspects of my life. It’s really something when we stop to appreciate the innermost workings of our mind and bodies. I’ve got a lust for this stuff.


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