magical is the word of the day.


I’ve been dancing-on-the-moon happy lately, happier than a clam though I’ve never understood that sentiment (they’re clams, how can they be that happy?) and I thought I’d share ten of those reasons, right meow, just for funzies.

1. that random brewed beverage Jeff made me at Tamp&Grind on whatever day it was this week. i can’t remember which day it was…Monday or Tuesday? I give up. my whole week has been timed weird. i guess this happens when you stay up for longer than 30 hours at a time and catch two small naps before a big sleep.

2. the big sleep! I finally slept longer than two hours last night and I shit you not it had me in such a state this morning, I completely forgot to put shoes on and didn’t notice until I was halfway to work! THAT is good sleep my friends.

3. cheese fries and black coffee from Louie’s Cafe with amazing people. I can’t even tell you how magical my Cinco de Mayo was and there were absolutely no margaritas involved…not even one.

4. LIVE MUSIC LIVE MUSIC LIVE MUSIC and discovering new music than inspires you to make new music. MUUUUUUUUUUUUUSIC!

5. watching videos of elephants. I know it’s strange but dude, watching a baby elephant play in the mud with its mom and siblings…there’s just nothing cuter than that and it really warms my heart.

6. knowing that one of my best friends in the whole world is editing my book. It makes it so much better and I trust her so much more to tell me if my writing is crap or not.

7. the fact that I can now do I headstand in the middle of my room and actually breathe. Inversion breath is quite magical.

8. FEELING SUMMER ARRIVE! I know it’s getting hot and everything but I don’t feel like I had summer last year. 2014 felt like a gross dark winter for all 365 days and I am so beyond blissed out to be feeling that magical spark summer brings.

9. watching my friends become friends. i love it!  i can’t imagine anything better than all of these amazing people in my life coming together and loving eachother as much as I love them. I finally feel like I have all the right people in my life and it’s thrilling! each adventure, regardless of how big or small is just the besssssssssst.

10. WATER.

I encourage you to make your own list! you’re happier than you think, you just have to take the time to notice.


One thought on “magical is the word of the day.

  1. You forgot to put shoes on? Hahaha! That must have been one heck of a good night’s rest 😉

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