take a walk, say thank you.


I forgot how good the sunshine feels. I’m thankful for it’s renewing properties.

I forgot how thankful my body feels after morning yoga, calm and quiet. And coffee. Always remember to be good to your self.

I forgot how wonderful a fifteen minute walk around downtown, just to get the mail, can be. It some how changes the entire day. I’m thankful for this during a week that was beginning to not seem so wonderful.

I love the smell of spring and it’s promise to make all things new. Nature, enough said.

I love the way months April through July make you feel like nothing can steal your bliss. Bad days are some how shorter and quickly forgotten by the time the sun comes up. Good days seem long and stretch far in to the night. I love this.

I love the way I hate being a morning person, until I’m up before my alarm, feeling rested and ready to conquer the day. Yoga, oil-pulling, hot shower, coffee; life is simple and amazing, and for this I am thankful.


I needed to post a list of things I forgot and things I love, to check in with my promise to myself to celebrate and demonstrate gratitude this year. This list could go on, but these are the observations I’ve made thus far. Do yourself a favor and talk a walk today, even if it’s just for fifteen minutes, or get on your mat or bike. Make today count! And then, say thank you to the world around you.


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