coffee break


today just wasn’t going to happen without a delicious, extra dirty chai. I needed an extra boost on this Monday morning, because I had such an exhausting weekend of relaxing with my friends. It’s a rough life.

I have been steadily drawing the conclusion that The Anchor just wasn’t right, that the story wasn’t finished, that I’d honestly left out a chunk of the story….even though I didn’t know what that meant. I felt like there was a person missing, a giant piece of history or a big event that was essential to pushing the story to greatness. I started writing the book last April (almost a year ago, which I can’t believe) and, “finished,” it in October. It’s been amazing to see the characters change and grow and become people who I genuinely love, and not just because I’m writing about them. Walter and Bridget speak to me on so many different levels, and though I created them, I feel like they’ve changed me more than I could have ever anticipated.

I was happy to take my usual stroll to the mail this morning, I felt like I needed a moment away from my desk to really get some clarity on what I want from today/ this week. I couldn’t handle passing my favorite coffee shop without stopping…so I did. Extra dirty chai, over ice since it’s warming up here and the sun is out. ALL I want to do lately is be outside in the sun. I suppose that’s because we had annoying, drizzly, gloomy weather for what seemed like weeks, without even a glimmer of sunshine. I think we take nature for granted, so I’ve added showing gratitude towards mother Earth to my list of resolutions.

I’m rambling, I realize. I’m only half-way through my chai though, so I have an excuse.

Thanks to my little morning endeavor to Tamp&Grind Coffee, I’m thrilled to officially announce that within the week, I should be done making the major changes to the manuscript. NAY! I will be done. AND I’M HOLDING EVERYONE ACCOUNTABLE. I’m going to push myself to write every day, for most of the day this week, even if that means just making notes and drawing maps. You know, when the story turned in to a book I made myself a schedule. I had pages due every Thursday so I could re-read and edit on Fridays; I had specific days for everything. I’m not sure when I stopped doing this. Maybe I got overwhelmed with all of the other things that were happening in my life, maybe I got lazy. I don’t know. What I do know is that my flame has been reignited and I cannot wait to share this amazing story with everyone. As soon as the actual, final draft edit is complete, I’m going to start sending out query letters. This makes me extremely nervous and over-the-moon happy. I’m not sure if I will self-publish, though I’ve been encouraged to do so. (any thoughts on this are more than welcomed.) Either way, I’m so interested and excited to see what’s next for my characters and their story. I can’t wait to share it!

here’s a song for Monday. enjoy over coffee/favorite beverage.


5 thoughts on “coffee break

  1. I’ve finished my March writing goal, and finished my book! Yay for goals! I have tried traditional publishing and it sucks monkey balls. Agents don’t know nearly as much as they want you to think. If you read great material on legal, marketing, and pricing, and if you make a decent business strategy, self-publishing shouldn’t be that hard. It’s what I intend to do, at least. 🙂

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