what would happen…


what would happen if I asked all of the questions you’re not supposed to ask, right here, right now? –

what would happen if we just asked for what we wanted? I was talking to my roomie a few nights ago, sort of girl-ing out on how to say something to someone, and he just looks and me and says, “why are we so afraid to ask for what we want?” Jared’s right; what’s the big deal? people ask (perhaps demand is a better word) all kinds of crazy shit from us all the time. why are we so unwilling to step up and really ask for what we want? I know it’s going to sound crazy….but it’s the only way we’re going to get anywhere.

what would happen if we showed nothing but love to our bodies, inside and out?

what would happen if my neighbor upstairs dropped a bowling bowl through the floor? i only ask because that’s what I fear at 630 every morning when something bangs against the floor/wall a few times, abruptly, “coaxing,” me in to awake.

what would happen if we stood our ground, unwavering in our decisions? i feel like we are so easily and heavily influenced by the on-goings around us. i know that it’s hard to keep focus sometimes, but what would happen if we just took a deep breath and remembered what we wanted?

what would happen if you showed love to someone without knowing the reaction/outcome? are we really supposed to sit silent, suppressing what we feel because we aren’t sure if we’re being appropriate? I’m over that.

what would happen if every woman everywhere shaved their heads and stopped wearing makeup?

what would happen if we all spoke freely about our experiences, good or bad, pretty or ugly, without hesitation or shame? you know, tried that whole honesty bit?

what if people spoke to us knowing their words were free from judgement?

what would happen if we closed our eyes for a few moments each day and remember that we’re lucky to have our breath? to remember that we may not be free from conflict or hardships or struggle but that we’re above ground and so beyond blessed by this day – what would happen then?

what would happen if we gave the same amount of respect we feel we deserve? better – what would happen if we gave respect without expectation? I’m really tired of operating like I’m earning something. If we love and respect others without expectation, we may save the world.

I ask myself all kinds of questions all the time, and fill many of my days looking for the answer. I find solace in the idea that there may be no answer; that the entire point is the journey life takes you on while you search. feel free to leave your questions below. i’d like some new stuff to mull over.


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