your time is gonna come.


Hello, Wednesday. I’m happy to be spending this workday feeling much better than I did this weekend. My entire office was plagued by the flu it seems, and of course it got me on the one weekend I wanted to spend writing. I don’t have much to report, except that I am fever-free AND! that a true babe, that just so happens be a fellow writer/blogger nominated me last week for the Versatile Blogger Award (exciting! even though it took me forever to see it)

Addison,, (an awesome blog with sweet reads) I stole this part from you:

The Rulesvba

1. Link the person who nominated you

2. List seven facts about yourself

3. Nominate 15 other blogs

Okay, so here you are, the ever intrigued reader that wants to know seven super (ha!) interesting facts about yours truly; so, without further ado….

1. My favorite color is grey/gray – I interchange the spelling depending on when I’m using it, and my reasoning for it has absolutely nothing to do with anything (isn’t that the best sentence you’ve ever read?). It pairs nicely with yellow, white, black and cobalt blue, so its perfect. It IS the perfect neutral. (also, goes nicely with my blue eyes when I wear it.)

2. I was adopted at almost-age two, from the Women’s Hospital in Baton Rouge. I lucked out with incredible older parents that shaped me in to the odd-ball blonde girl you casually read every now and then. My mom is also adopted and works for CASA – we’re just two non-profit, children loving gals trying to change the world.

3. I play six instruments (in the order in which I learned them): piano and guitar – simultaneously as my parents couldn’t agree which one to start me on – bass guitar, cello, violin (no matter how mediocre) and the drums. I am completely crazy about the piano even though it frustrates the hell out of me and I feel super hippy-dippy-happy when I play the guitar, but my absolute favorite, my love….is the drums. I was born to play percussion – it’s loud, so I guess its befitting a gal like me.

4. I haven’t finished college yet, but when I do, I will have a degree in English (language/lit,) a degree in theatre and three minors: philosophy, photography and history. I figured out WAY too late that college wasn’t for me, and I owe it to myself to finish since I only have twenty-one hours left. *though I would like to make a note that you don’t have to have a degree to consider yourself intelligent.

5. I get super emotional when I hear the National Anthem or when I see a giant American flag waving in the wind. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. My dad was the patriotic one in our house, not me. Maybe it’s because I watched nothing but WWI & WWII movies, Civil War documentaries and the history channel nonstop from the time I could walk until he passed away. Regardless, I have a strong sense of patriotism and it often makes me cry like a baby.

6. Though I am extremely extroverted, I am equally as introverted. It doesn’t take much to make me happy and I don’t require many people in my life or a large audience – no matter how much I feed off the energy when I have one.

7. I would elaborate on the coffee bit, but most of you – if you’ve read any of my posts – know how obsessed with coffee I am. I would like to further define this: I am a beverage person. Coffee, Jameson and water being the favorites, but I’m really fond of anything that will wet my whistle; I prefer it to food. Is that weird?

I’d like to nominate these blogs ( I am only selecting ten. it’s a good number):

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Now for what’s been on my mind in the last 120 hours –

I take a community yoga class at the local art museum; I think I’ve mentioned this before – it is a beautiful and inspiring place to practice. It really gets me out of my element as I usually practice in my room at my mom’s house (not for long! scored my own place last week with my kickass roommate Jared and I can’t wait to move in! yay!) I like my at-home practice, but I think it puts me in a rut sometimes, or shortens my session and I really don’t like that. I’ve come to understand that I need a solid hour of asana, sometimes additional and definitely fifteen minutes of meditation following, if not more. Thankfully, on Tuesdays when I’m at the gallery, I get exactly what I need….ten fold.

I wasn’t really willing to go to class last night. I was drained, exhausted from fever and being sick over the weekend and REALLY pooped from work, even though it was a mild day at the office. I get really, really sad when I’m sick, I’m not sure why. Something in my chemical makeup I suppose; it puts me in a mental funk that’s hard for me to get out of and it’s miserable. Fortunately for me, I am a firm believer of keeping plans and I’d told my best friend (who is actually more like my sister) that I would be there, and she was bringing another one of our friends – I just couldn’t cancel, regardless of how hit-by-two-trains-twice I was feeling. It wasn’t just the plans I had made though that pushed me to go, there was something in my body encouraging me. Subconscious saying, “yep, you feel and look like total shit but get it together and get on the mat.” So I clocked out at five, made the block from my building to the Alexandria Museum of Art, swapped my heels for my bare feet and headed upstairs.

I am ever glad that I did. That was not only the practice my body wanted, it was the practiced I needed. It’s amazing what happens when we tune in to what our body wants – it delivers what we need, whether we know it or not. I think I smiled the entire time; I know I left feeling happier than I had in a week. My body felt better – my ears finally opened up and my head cleared, my heart felt light. All of the tension that the fever had left in my muscles was gone, it felt amazing. So I know I’m gushing here, but I also hit a new high point in my practice, I got on my head and let go of fear. Though I didn’t get into a full head stand, I put my head down to the earth, closed my eyes and just….let go. I couldn’t tell you much aside from that, except that I didn’t feel afraid, I felt happy. It encouraged me to try to start slowly easing my way in to a head stand in my next practice and I will. A second, welcomed feeling came when we were doing half moon pose. I brought both of my hands back to my mat to regain balance and pressed as hard as I could and ya know what? I finally felt like my legs were going to float up! I don’t know if it was the headspace I was in or if I’m getting stronger, but I welcomed this floaty feeling and can’t wait for it to happen again. I don’t know if anyone heard my squeal with delight or if that was in my own head, but that feeling….seriously nothing better.

Sometimes you have a really good Tuesday, with a really great practice with really great friends and it’s perfect and awesome and you think the day can’t get better. Then it does –

I talked with my friend Mike last night for an hour last night about how happiness is a choice; it’s a choice in everything we do, in every decision we make. I know it’s a super crunchy, kitschy way of looking at things but I don’t care. I spent all of last year in a semi-miserable mood and ya know what, it zapped me of all the happiness I could have had. So, for 2015 I made the executive life decision to be happy every day. I know, you’re rolling your eyes, but I’m serious; even if it’s just for five freaking minutes, happy, every damn day of the week. Life is too short to carry around aggravation or anger or judgement. It’s too short to worry about what he thinks or what she said or what’s going to happen. Happiness is your choice. You can’t blame someone else for lack of happiness or what goes wrong, because at the end of it, its your own fault if you chose something else.

We’re given one challenge every day and that is to live. Lets do that. Lets take care of our bodies and be healthy and happy and see what happens.

“2015 resolution? F*ck that. How about a revolution – happiness.”

Your time is gonna come…and its right now.


Check this other blog about happiness. I dare you.

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  1. Thanks for signing on to follow my blog.

    I love your thought on living happy every day this year, if even for 5 minutes. I agree completely, life is too short to not live happy.

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