2015, year of gratitude


I cannot begin to express my delight in seeing the year 2014 come to a close. though I feel I have gone farther personally than I ever knew possible, it was under extremely unfortunate circumstances. I have questioned my beliefs. I’ve questioned who I am as a person; my relationships, my choices, missed opportunities and mistakes. And lets be honesty, my sanity.

2015 will be beyond amazing, I can feel it in my bones. Instead of making unrealistic goals for 2015, since obviously every year some sort of something will come up, derailing everything, I want to set in place acts of gratitude that I will do each month, here’s what I’ve got so far (feel free to comment below with suggestions):

1. Gratitude towards others – I want to make it abundantly clear that we are nothing without love and support from those close to us in our life. They deserve our love and support in over-abundant reciprocals, but simply gratitude, even if just a small thanks for all they do. I’m not really in to cards (which is odd because I’m a words person) but I want to make an effort to send at least one note, card, post-card, letter or piece of mail every month, with the expression of gratitude being the representative thought.

2. Gratitude towards your mind and body – at the end of the day, it is physically all you have. don’t you agree we should be grateful for the mind and the beautiful way it works? and the body? lets promise feed it well and treat it even better, with meditation and exercise in the coming year(s.) I wholeheartedly promise to treat my mind and body better in 2015, and all of the years that follow.

For me this specifically means:

– no complex sugars….this is going to kill me but it’s time to do it.

– no fast food, at all for the entire year, unless the situation is dire and I can only do green or grilled.

– no soft drinks, even though those are few and far between for me anyway.

– YOGA. EVERY. DAY. Even if it’s just for a quick fifteen minutes, and for the sake of breath and breath alone.

– reading/writing every day, again, even if only for a quarter of an hour. we must remember to feed our souls.

3. Gratitude towards the light inside your soul – I really don’t need to say much about this. be grateful that you are who you are. embrace your flaws, and if you must change them then do so, but be aware, you’re the only one who can do that. I used to think it was possible for someone to steal your light, but now I realize, that is not the case. YOU are the one that determines how bright you shine; whether others choose to see it and appreciate it isn’t your call. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT allow this to hinder you. Keep going, keep thriving, keeping shining. Show gratitude for that beautiful beam.


I think I finished pretty ugly. 


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