Its Real


Well folks, I’m about to put finishing touches on part one of The Anchor. I can’t believe I’m done with it already! Mark printed off a hard copy of part one for me on Thursday and I zipped through it. I have the book practically memorized…even though I still laugh out loud at some of the things that made it through the first draft.

All that is left is to read through part two in print and make changes to that, then off to be edited. Thank you Codi R. in advance for agreeing to do it for me!

And then the query letter/manuscript submitting begins.

I’ve researched for weeks….reading blogs, articles and essays on,”How to Wow a Book Agent with Your Query Letter.” (A personal proposition from writers to the mags, agencies, etc.) I have yet to be impressed, and I think its because some of the examples I’ve skimmed over lack passion and truth. I have no strategy here, and I hope my honesty about that is what impresses the world of publication. My courage is separate from my nerves though….I am throw-up nervous to have anyone besides my friends read it.

It could suck for all know, but everyone has been extremely nice about it, so onward I go.

I am so unbelievably proud of where I’m at as a writer, and I cannot wait to learn and grow more. I know I say it all the time, but thank you to the many many many lovely friends I’ve bugged to read every draft of each part at least three or four time. Seriously, thank you. My characters wouldn’t be the same without all of the input!

It’s all real, right here at my fingertips.

Remember that everything is within your reach.


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