music, actually.


Hi all.

Okay, jumping right/write in.

A friend of mine tagged me in a post today, a challenge to list the top ten most influential records in your life. You know, music that has actually changed you.

I thought my head was going to pop off and right into my coffee cup.

How on earth was I supposed to make this list? There are so many! I started looking through my manuscript…lots of songs mentioned. Picked one or two records from there. Okay, next.

HOW THE HELL…okay. Got the next one, started looking through iTunes, top 25 most played, etc. etc. I ended up with this list:

1. House of the Holy – Led Zeppelin
2. Illuminate – Lydia
3. Deja Entendu – Brand New
4. An American Prayer – The Doors
5. Transatlanticism – Death Cab for Cutie
6. Magpie and the Dandelion – The Avett Brothers
7. Love – The Beatles
8. A Crow Left of the Murder – Incubus
9. Bleed American – Jimmy Eat World
10. Where the Light Is – John Mayer Trio

Pretty solid list right? I obviously left out MANY others that I almost wrote down, but these ten have been on repeat for years.

This whole list of top ten records got me thinking. We connect and remember certain lines of certain songs for how they make us feel. Saying that you love an entire record can be a stretch because sometimes we don’t connect with every single song on every single album. True for movies and books and so on.

I went through ALL of my old CDs….all the ones I have left anyway, and my top ten records/albums should really look like this:

Most influential albums of all time, thanks to these gems that I’m so lucky to call friends: (in no particular order at all)

1. TJo Rocks My Socks – Courtney Wimmert – 2004

2. Spring Break Mix – Tory Parks – 2014

3. The Swivel Chair – Ian Ragsdale – 2007

4. I Think I’ll Go to Boston – Taylor Williams – 2007

5. Can you feel my woofers? – Emma Melville – Collabo – 2003

6. Dime/Soco Amaretto Lime – TJ Ayers – 2005

7. The Birthday Mix – Freddie Merc/Joshua Autrey – 2008

8. Super Goddess – Mitch Charrier – 2004

9. Orange County – Courtney Wimmert – 200?

10. Monkey Business and – Hannah Castille – 2005

All of these came from my friends and had music on it that either changed me, opened me up to more music or made me dance around. These are the most influential records…they came from influential people, regardless of where they are now. I think about when I got each mix or CD and they happened at pivotal times in my life…moments that I needed music to save me from; moments that music made things better or just flat out complimented.

Its a connection that can’t be broken.

Thank you all for the tune swap.


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