The Twin Sized Mattress and Wishful Thinker


Oh hello, blog.

I have been completely wrapped up in finishing the Anchor. I know it’s important to try to get some hype about this book before I even try to publish, but I’m having too much fun writing it! And although I want to blab about that for a while, today I am not here to discuss that.

I’ve been sifting through old documents, journals, diaries, etc. I did this for a while this morning….insomnia at its finest. I was reading my diary from the 2008-2010 period and I stumbled upon this….and I had to share it::

September 14, 2010

Is it okay that I want to listen to Brand New all night and eat ice cream in bed and say that I miss you and hold your hand? Lets solve all the world’s problems with our well-wishing tonight before we turn out the light.

I wish I could help my friends find happiness.

I wish I could bring peace to the restless.

I wish I could demonstrate color to the blind.

I wish I could define love so the empty could be filled.

I wish I could transform hate into mere exploration of the unknown.

I wish I could make tangible music for the deaf.

I wish my hands weren’t so small; these wishes are so big.

I wish that people prayed for others half as much as they ask for it.

I wish I could bottle the feeling of the first kiss and share it will those who have lost love.

I wish I had 8 extra hands to help those moms and dads doing it alone.

I wish I had the cure for those who can’t find courage.

I wish you could see what I see.

I wish i had the power of influence to open closed minds.

I wish for the freedom of experience as long as humanly possible.

I wish I could pave the path to absolute understanding and assurance for those who wander and those who are lost.


I’m still that same girl with those wishes and now so many more. I think it’s something when we look back on who we once were….and are comforted to find that that same person is still inside.


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