Three Months


I started writing my book three months ago. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!

I was sitting with my curtains drawn this morning, sipping my coffee while I re-read the chapter or part of the novel or whatever I worked on the day before…as usual. I looked at my calendar to see how many pages were due Friday…when i realized that it’s the 23rd. I started working on this project on April 23…exactly three months ago. I thought about where I was three months ago, when I finally found the courage to sit down and write this story. I was in a very different headspace then, dealing with all sorts of emotions and changes in my life and as a person. I am not the girl I was when I started writing this book…it’s changed me. It’s changed the way I see my relationships and the people in them. I’m a bit more mindful of my actions and reactions. I notice the way I notice things and I make notes to appreciate certain things a little more…its amazing what 34,218 words, seventeen chapters and 226 pages can do for the soul.

I know I’ve mentioned before how worried I was in the beginning because I was afraid I would get to a certain point and have nothing left to write…but that hasn’t happened yet, still. I am beyond blessed with a great story and great characters to keep me motivated and inspired. I have no one else to thank right now, in this moment of happiness and excitement, than all the people in my life. The encouragement, reading, opinions and criticisms…I’m so thankful to everyone. Here’s to the next three months! I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


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