Truth’s Worth


I wanted to formulate a grand thought on how important it is to tell the truth…but all I have is this: it is imperative, to any story, that the truth be spoken.

In regards to my book, the truth comes from a male POV which is a bit controversial, considering I’m a woman. I’m abiding under the same principle that my fabulous art teacher, Tracy Campbell, influenced upon me. “Draw what you see not what you know.” Once I researched, combed through endless blogs and articles, I came back to this influence. I’m writing what I’ve seen…telling it like it is. And isn’t that the only way?

Every person has a different truth; no two alike. I feel it’s important to make sure that this truth is told correctly and reaches its full worth.

My best friend in the entire universe read the first 160 or so pages and said, “it’s good but I don’t buy you as Walter.” This immediately cracked me up because I could see her sitting at her laptop just shaking her head at me, at the things I have Walter saying. Regardless of the fact that she thinks I will sell millions only because my adoring fans will wait with heavy anticipation to see when Walter comes out of the closet, I’m standing firm in using his voice. I’ve tested this book on a few friends, both male and female, and have had mixed reviews. Some say Walter sounds outstandingly feminine, others say I nailed it. Writing from this POV is one of the most difficult challenges I’ve faced as a writer; keeping consistent tone right down to his idiosyncrasies of how he says things….it’s an art. It’s writing the truth.

In one of the articles I read (which was open for comments), one woman describes writing in the male POV for a female audience, another writing in the male POV for a male audience. I realize now that I’m not just writing for one audience and that makes me happy.

It makes sense for Walter to do the telling. When I had this story formulating in my mind, the narrator was always male. I will proudly say that I don’t think it has to do with demographic or who I’m trying to target. I am 100% proud to say that I’m writing from this POV and with a conviction that is: it’s because it’s the truth. What’s that worth to you?


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