Credit Where it is Due


Good morning, y’all! I had to share this after re-reading it a few times. Do yourself a favor, if you’re reading this…..and read this:

How I lost 30 pounds through yoga & never saw them again, with embarrassing “before” picture.

I wanted to take a minute to gush about this post. I am so jealous that I didn’t write it first, that I didn’t spend a year in India and that haven’t had the opportunity to practice yoga six days a week (daily for an hour and a half! impressive!) HOWEVER. I am so happy I read this journal daily. Sometimes the stuff they post is cheesy, but this is a real article, a true gem.

It’s time to give proper credit where it is due. I recently posted a picture on Instagram (Beth, you are going to have to give me a step by step tutorial apparently), that I was proud to share as I have finally reached the 20-pounds-down mark.

Yep, I’ve lost 20lbs since January. I’ve been asked several times over the course of the last 6 months or so how I’ve done it. Obviously I’ve been focusing on exercising more and eating better (I didn’t say good, I said better.) I go for green or grilled options usually, but pizza, sweets and coffee just won’t leave me alone.I do try to say no when I can, or opt for something a little healthier, but for the most part, the biggest change was my attitude towards my self and my body.

I started practicing yoga (or thinking about it) when I was in high school. I’ll never forget going to Don Fields in Alexandria for my first yoga class with Dr. Savannah Pace Culpepper (who is a total babe and Mrs. Louisiana!) I felt so awkward and weird being in there. This could have been because I was 16 in a class that was way more advanced than I was. It was so cold in the room and there were mirrors everywhere (which I’m not too fond of in any studio honestly) and the first time someone farted on accident I thought I was going to lose it. Yoga was still allusive and crunchy to me, so I just wanted to try it out, see what it was all about. I sucked at it, of course….but it made me feel good.

I’ve moved all over the state for my entire college career (which is still going, shamelessly.) So over the years, I’ve experienced all different kinds of workouts, trying different forms of yoga and other aerobics classes along the way. (Zumba is my only other favorite really because hey, who doesn’t love to shake their ass to burn calories?) I couldn’t get over (and still can’t, even now after so long) the feeling that I had when I left an hour or more of yoga, of any style. (it really isn’t about the style it’s about actually doing it)

As of late, I’ve practiced at home in either the bedroom or the sun room,  more than anywhere else. I do it at various times of the day depending on when I’m home, when I’m working on my novel, etc.I feel like I get in a good three to four days a week, depending, and most of the time that’s only half an hour because it’s all I’ve got. It really is hard to balance life, work, personal life and fitness, so I do it when I can. I think any practice is better than no practice at all. I invested in a really great mat (the mat from lululemon. I feel like their stuff is way overpriced but it’s quality…) which has kind of changed everything. It’s big; I feel like it’s my own personal room when I’m on it, standing strong and tall. It’s the vessel that helps take my mind out of this world and into another one (much like my writing chair.)

I’ve also been really in to Bikram yoga (hot yoga) and it totally kicks your ass. I told someone the other day though, that it’s like being in church (minus all the sweat.) It’s this incredible religious experience for me. It is literally the perfect thing if you’re up for a challenge or need a soul cleanse. These classes are a bit more expensive than other yoga styles (or so I’ve noticed) but they are totally worth the splurge.

Long story short, my body changed when my mind started to change. I opened my mind to possibilities I never thought were within my reach, and here I am 20 lbs. lighter, in the best shape I’ve ever been in life, eating better than I have (except for last night that pizza was soooooo good) and oh by the way, did I mention following my passion and being SO HAPPY?

Read the article. Do some yoga.

Tuesday challenge accepted.


Apologies for the grammatical mistakes. I haven’t had coffee yet.



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