Weird Fishes/Arpeggi


“I hit the bottom and escape.”

I love Radiohead. Classically one of my favorite go to bands. This song, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, is on their record In Rainbows, one of my favorite albums ever. I mention this in The Anchor. I’m sure over time this blog will be filled with random rambling about music that’s involved in the book. I’m more of a, “moments,” person than a dialogue person, so every moment is either tied to a song or mentions one. I would LOVE for this book to have its own soundtrack. Does that happen? Do people do that? Or is that only after adaptation to a screenplay, when the movie is made? I’m not sure, but I think life should have a soundtrack and so should my book. (I’ll make a list once I’m through writing it! Maybe I’ll post it…)

Music is my biggest influence in life. I’ve been in love with it for so long that it almost defines everything I do. Every moment has a song and every song has a purpose. The songs in the book are carefully selected; every lyric of every line in every song mentioned in the story has been considered. There is a very specific message I’m trying to send with these songs….it’s not something I can put into words, though I’m trying. (hence, the book?) This is a concept that main character struggles with in the story. Walter is constantly overwhelmed with emotion, which is interesting to watch (and write.)

I could write for days on how music influences me….but it would literally be the same idea of, “it changed my life and continues to change it,” in about seven million different way. Heart-eyes and all that.

I reached 149 pages last night. According to my calendar, I’m not supposed to be at this point until July 1st, which is insane. I honestly thought I was going to get to 100 pages and feel cleansed and find another project. But here I am, almost eight weeks later, with a whole story at my fingertips. When I sit down every day to work on this, every thought just free-flows. I suppose the story has been in my head long enough that it was really ready to be written, but still. I never dreamed I’d actually be writing a novel at twenty-six.

I have to throw some mega appreciation out in to the universe today….this blog received over 100 views yesterday and is already at 100 today. Yes, those are nothing numbers in comparison to some really stellar blogs, but that’s huge for me. I haven’t blogged since the days of Myspace.  (yeah, I said it. I don’t care how old or uncool it makes me. Anyone remember Xanga? Yeah, there ya go. Just aged another 30 years.) This feels so new to me… media is so much bigger than I ever expected it to be.

So thanks. Thanks to everyone that I’ve suckered in to reading this, giving you no other choice but to agree to read it. Thanks to the sweet babes in my book club (we really need to pick a July book, by the way) that shared the link to my blog on their page. If you’ve read any of my book’s progress, you’re a freaking angel and I cannot thank you enough for the feed back.




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