The Hangover


So. I’m twenty-six, still attempting my best to party like I’m nineteen. EPIC FAIL.

Two of my favorite people in the world were married on Saturday….and shared their special day with friends and family and a party truly fit for a king and queen. BUT GOOD LORD. I ate way too much, I drank like a fish, I walked in heels longer than I have in months and, “dropped it low,” many many more times than I should have. I was invincible, fearless; on a life-high from the aforementioned nuptials. And drinking more whiskey than I knew I could handle. 

I will give myself points for not throwing-up, staying awake til 5am with the possibility of more partying, should the opportunity present itself (thank goodness it did not!) So after this night of invincible drinking the worst thing in the world happened….I woke up 5 and one half hours later with….a hangover. F M L.

It has been quite some time since I’ve opened my eyes to a still blurry world and a pounding headache. Truly, this was torture. I needed cheese fries. I needed silence and Advil. I needed a new body. In my desperation to feel better so I could some-what function in society on Sunday (and Monday, because lets face it, I’m twenty-six and require more than 12hours of sleep and a burrito to cure a hangover,) I took it upon myself to research the best hangover cures. I have faithfully applied my own regime for the last few years: a bottle of water and three Advil tablets immediately after waking up, a small cup of orange juice followed by green tea. I always feel better in no less than an hour. Here’s what I found….curious if there are any other fool-proof hangover remedies. Share if you’ve got a favorite!

I could post 3456789765 of the 77890876 that I found, but this list is my favorite. Putting it in my pocket for later, you should too!

Hangover Cures: Tips from The Creative Community


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