Wow. I haven’t legitimately posted a blog, for public web-viewing since Xanga and myspace were popular. I’ve just aged myself a thousand years in my first sentence in my first blog. Off to a great start, obviously.

I enjoy writing so much, but I have been selfish, enjoying only on a personal level for the last few years. I happy to announce (and excited since this is my first grown-up blog post!) that I am also writing a book. I feel a personal blog is necessary so I can track my progress with the book. (and maybe start a following? who knows.) A few of my friends have encouraged me to blog for a while now and I suppose this is me finally getting around to that. I’m not sure what I’m doing…at all. So bear with me as I grow as a writer/blogger. I’m sure I’ll babble too much about complete nonsense at one point or another. I’m sure I’ll write something that is too sappy or offensive or whatever. I apologize if adult language and content offend you. I don’t plan to edit myself here. I want to use this as a place to express myself, for real.

More later. It’s been a lovely blog break, but now I’m off….back to my book.



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